Spa & Thermal Springs

The landscape of Basilicata is rich in natural beauty and offers some truly stunning panoramas. The region offers a variety of thermal springs with natural waters and many varieties of mud to invigorate and restore well-being. The springs are also thought to offer healing properties for a range of illnesses. The towns with fully-equipped spas are Rapolla in the Vulture area and Latronico within the Pollino National Park.


The thermal springs of “La Calda di Latronico” are situated in the town of Bagni, just 4km from Latronico. The thermal springs are surrounded by beautiful green gardens and woodland which allow you to connect with nature and enhance your well being. Latronico offers three springs ranging from small to large which have varying water properties with associated health benefits.

The resort offers baths, inhalation therapy, irrigation and mud therapies. A physiotherapy centre and a rehabilitation unit are available as well as a beauty and fitness centre.  The multi-sports centre has a swimming pool supplied by the spa waters and detox lodges can also be found there.

Latronica spa can be used to treat illnesses such as primary osteoarthrosis, rheumatism, ear, nose and throat complaints, respiratory diseases, illnesses associated with the digestive system, the liver and skin diseases.

You can enjoy a multitude of sports, take trips to the beautiful Pollino National Park nearby, or enjoy the crystal clear waters of the sea in Maratea and savour the delicious Mediterranean cuisine.


For further information and pricing, please visit

La Calda-Latronico – Tel. (+39) 0973/859179 – administration tel. and fax (+39) 0973/859201

Open from 1st June-15th October.



The thermal springs of “Ala” are in Rapolla, situated in the north of Basilicata near to the extinct volcano, Mount Vulture. The springs of Rapolla are conveniently located near many attractions such as the Monticchio Lakes, the Norman castles of Lagopesole and Melfi, Venosa and the archaeological park of the city of Matera.

The Ala spa offers a range of treatment therapies including inhalation therapy, mud baths, massages and facial treatments.  The thermal baths exploit the natural healing benefits of the calcium and iron rich waters from three springs in the ‘Orto del Lago’ district of Rapolla.

Inhalation therapy is available for the treatment of respiratory problems, whilst the mud baths are ideal for the treatment of joint and muscle complaints. Mud baths are also used for cosmetic and beauty treatments.

Rapolla is situated in the Vulture district, an area rich in historical and natural beauty. As if that were not enough, Rapolla and its surroundings offer sports facilities such as tennis, swimming, horse-riding and the famous Italian ‘bocce’ (bowls). If you require some well-deserved replenishment after all this activity, nearby there are some very good restaurants and the highly esteemed local wine, Aglianico del Vulture, DOC.


For further information and pricing, please visit

Via Melfi 142 – 85027 Rapolla – Tel. and fax (+39) 0972/760113

Open from May to the end of November.