The small town of Valsinni is situated in the province of Matera in the valley of the river Sinni, from which its name originates. It has the ruins of an Acropolis which can be seen arranged in staggered rows with a water source.

Valsinni is well known as the birthplace of Isabella Morra, the famous ‘poet of loneliness’ with the central attraction being a Literary Park created in her dedication.


Monument to Isabella Morra


The Literary Park of Isabella Morra was established in 1993 and is situated in Valsinni, a town dominated by the Morras’ castle, around which the old town lies. The literary park extends over the places where the poet Isabella Morra grew up. Morra was born in the early 16th century and murdered at the young age of 25 for her suspected liaison with a Spanish nobleman. Her short, tragic life and her poetry are commemorated in the Literary Park. Isabella is recognised as one of the most original voices in 16th century poetry.

The journey through the park covers places loved by the poet: the castle, the old town, the Sinni river, Mount Coppolo, the Gallinico wood and the chapel of the Pietà. Guided tours, events and temporary exhibitions are regularly organised along these routes and around the town centre.

In summertime, the  ‘L’Estate di Isabella’ takes place. The whole town is turned into a Renaissance scene where theatrical and musical performances take place, attracting a lot of guests and visitors to the small town.