Rivello is a small town, but is full of many treasures making it well worth a visit, particularly for those who appreciate church architecture and art.The historic town of Rivello is situated near the Tyrrhenian coast in western Basilicata.  Rivello has a rich and unique history. Situated overlooking the Noce valley, it was a strategic position that was fought over for centuries by the Lombards and the Byzantines. When neither power was able to prevail over the other, the town was split into two districts, the Lombards occupying the lower district, and the Byzantines occupying the upper.

This division led to each district having a unique set of cultures and traditions and even today both influences are visible throughout the city with each area having its own central church with beautiful frescoes. The town’s charm lies in the intricate network of narrow alleys and stairways.


      • The mother church of San Nicola dei Greci which dominates the western part of town
      • The church of Santa Maria Maggiore in the upper district

The Mother Church of San Nicola