Family home of the film director Francis Ford Coppola

Bernalda is a small hilltop town near the Ionian Sea on the East Coast of Basilicata, at the end of the Valle del Basento. Bernalda is situated between two rivers, the Bradano and Basento.


The majestic Aragonese 15th century castle was part of the Kingdom of Naples makes for some enchanting exploration. It is positioned in front of the 16th century Chiesa Madre (Mother Church) dedicated to San Bernardino. From here you can enjoy a panoramic view over the Valle del Basento.  The centre dates back to the 5th/7th century when it assumed the name of Camarda. It wasn’t until 1470 that it became known by its current name. Bernalda is situated close to both the seaside and the Archaeological Park in Metaponto.


Film director Francis Ford Coppola, famous for the classic movie trilogy ‘The Godfather’ has his family roots in Bernalda and has recently restored the Palazzo Margherita. This stunning palace was originally built in 1892 and has now been converted into both a family home and luxurious boutique hotel, perfect for a romantic getaway.


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The annual Feast of San Bernardino is a colourful festival that takes place throughout August which includes orchestral and choral concerts, a street pageant with a horse drawn float celebrating the life of San Bernardino. It concludes in style with a spectacular fireworks display.