Lagopesole Castle

While Melfi Castle is the most famous, Lagopesole Castle remains the most magical. When inside the castle you can still feel the spirit of the great Swabian Emperor Frederick II. It is said to be the last of the castles he had constructed for his own use, built between 1242 and 1250, the year of his death.

When travelling from Potenza towards Vulture, it appears and disappears from sight. Situated high and solitary on its clearing, it has a splendid appearance when illuminated by sunlight. Its rectangular design deviates from the classic, hexagonal design adopted during the period of Frederick II. It is divided into two parts: the area surrounding the courtyard of honour and the area devoted primarily to military defence, with the main tower at its centre.



Lagopesole Castle

Area around Avigliano

Its position along the road to Apulia made it a convenient stopover for hunting, one of the King’s great passions. It probably existed even before Frederick II, since Pope Innocence II and Abbot Rinaldo of Montecassino met there in the presence of Emperor Lothair II of Saxony, during the war against Roger the Norman. In 1268 and 1294, Charles I of Angiò stayed there (and made restorations). In 1416, both the Castle and Melfi passed into the hands of the Caracciolo family. In 1531, Charles V donated it to the Dorians. It was a temporary museum for the archaeological finds recovered during the 1980 earthquake and for more than one year housed paintings and other art, making it an essential testimony to the soul and history of Lucania.