Situated northeast of Potenza, the agricultural town of Acerenza offers a magnificent landscape dominated by vineyards and a plethora of medieval attractions which lie in the historic centre.

Acerenza is officially listed as one of the top 50 most beautiful towns in Italy, alongside Venosa, Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano, it is well worth a visit on your trip to Basilicata. The historic centre is characterised by narrow streets which interlink in maze-like grids and beautiful palaces dating back to the 18th Century which include Palazzo Gala and the Palazzo Caramuta.

Known locally as ‘Cathedral City’, Acerenza is home to a stunning cathedral which is recognised as one of the most impressive religious buildings in Basilicata. The Cathedral itself is a declared national monument and the town nestles in its grounds. The construction of the Cathedral begun in the 11th century, inspired by the architecture of the Benedictine Monastery, the Cathedral is built in a Romanesque-Gothic style. The interior contains an impressive Renaissance crypt dating back to 1524, a nave, two aisles with 16th century frescos in addition to and a marble bust of the emperor Julian, the Apostate, dated as 4th Century. The crypt is recognised as one of the most interesting examples of Renaissance architecture in Southern Italy.

At the base of the village, the landscape is dominated by vineyards that take advantage of the rich land to produce the famous local wine Aglianico DOC. In the street of the “Cantine” (via delle Cantine) is still possible to visit the ancient caves where the wine was originally produced and stored.


  • Acerenza Cathedral,
  • The church of San Laviero Martire (12th century) which has a Baroque-style high stone altar with an altarpiece of the Martyrdom of Saint Laviero (18th century).