Skiing Holidays

Skiing is becoming increasingly popular in this region, Basilicata has three different ski resorts which offer high quality slopes and facilities for all ages.


The resort of La Sellata-Pierfaone situated in the town of Abriola, only 24 km from Potenza, is the most popular resort due to its stunning location, breath-taking views and its well-equipped skiing centres. The resort has ten slopes which offer 8km of runs at an altitude ranging between 1350 and 1740 metres, four t-lifts and two chair-lifts, known as ‘Pierfaone’, which are 1500 meters in length and lead to the most difficult slopes. Additionally, the resort also features a cross-country circuit. ‘La Sellaata’ can be reached on a direct road from Potenza, which goes through Pignola.


Area Sirino is located in Lagonegro in the north of the region, 112km from Potenza. The mountain of Sirino-Papa Massif is the second highest peak in the Southern Apennines, standing at 2005m altitude and Mount Sirino at an altitude of 1900m. Area Sirino includes ski area Lago Laudemio (Lake Laudemio) and Conserva di Lauria. The resort offers alpine and cross-country ski slopes for all levels of experience, with several ski tows and a chair lift that reaches 1800 meters.

For beginners there is a well-equipped ski school. There is also an abundance of good restaurants and nice hotels in the surrounding towns which attract tourists to this resort.



The resort of Volturino-Viggiano is situated 88km from Potenza in Val d’Agri and is nestled between the mountains Vulturino and Viggiano. Volturino-Viggiano is a well appreciated ski resort with seven runs in total, at an altitude ranging between 1400 and 1865 metres. There are two chair-lifts and several t-lifts, which lead to the intermediate and advanced slopes.

Mount Volturino, at an altitude of 1865m dominates the valley. The run is 2600m in length and is accessed via a chairlift. the run provides two variants, one of which is suitable for experts and the other suitable for children and beginners. Lifts to the ski run are located in the town of Marsicovetere (PZ). Montagna Grande di Viggiano, located in the town of Viggiano (PZ), offers three runways for alpine skiing and three for cross-country skiing and is suitable for all experience levels. A chair-lift provides access up to 1700m altitude. Floodlighting enables access to the slopes during the evening during special events and holiday periods.

The Pollino National Park in winter is a perfect cross-country area. Experienced guides can find the best places to see, and after you can enjoy the many delicious local dishes.